The operative businesses of our clients – purchasing, production and distribution – are at the heart of our commercial services.

The globalisation of markets, breaking down of trade barriers and constant developments in data transfer are changing the demands for trade, both nationally and internationally. For manufacturers, purchasing departments and importers, this means a complex structure of contracts. We track opportunities and challenges in the markets and monitor these developments with our experts.

Our team advises you on all aspects of trading and distribution law such as distribution and storage of goods (in particular purchasing and sales terms, warranty agreements, manufacturer guarantees, distribution contracts), franchise/sales representative/distributor agreements, development of new distribution structures, service contracts, plant construction, production agreements as well as in cases of product liability. In addition to day-to-day business issues, our services also include major strategic issues. We take on legal representation in all of these areas, in particular in lawsuits concerning commercial agent compensation claims.

Through expert knowledge in various sectors of industry and technology (in particular automotive, engineering and plant construction sectors) we are able to design distribution systems, taking into consideration the specific economic requirements of each individual client. In addition, MKRG has special expertise in international issues, in particular with the expanding business in India.

We also support our clients with all issues of hedging your accounts, namely through credit insurance and letters of credit. We also offer consultations in cases of damages and insolvency, in particular with regards to title retention rights (even as supplier pool manager) and possible insolvency proceedings.

The legal services of our commercial team from MKRG are completed with training and practical seminars on purchasing, production and distribution, including in-house seminars, information events and newsletters. MKRG experts also regularly publish on commercial topics in well-known specialist literature.


  • Advice and support in the area of production and product liability
  • Advice and support on every issue in the area of purchasing and procurement
  • Advice and support on distribution systems and franchising
  • Representation in disputes under distribution law
  • Extra-judicial settlement of conflicts under distribution law


  • Distribution law
  • Distribution anti-trust law
  • Contract law and general terms and conditions
  • Franchise law
  • Commercial agent and authorized dealer law


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