Companies and their managing bodies are nowadays coming under greater scrutiny by the law enforcement authorities, which are imposing increasingly severe penalties for white-collar crime and tax offences. The consequence can be severe fines to be borne by the company and/or the management or even imprisonment of the acting individuals. We advise, represent and defend you as a company, executive or employee with respect to all questions of white-collar crime and criminal tax law. Our services cover all aspects of criminal law and criminal tax law as well as the regulations on administrative offences, and support you at every stage, from dawn raids to possible legal proceedings.


Is your company subject to investigation under criminal or anti-trust legislation? Have the law enforcement or anti-trust authorities dawn raided your company premises? Or has an anonymous tip-off led to you being investigated by the police and public prosecutors under suspicion of tax evasion? We can support you during these difficult times, as in case of suspicion of a criminal and/or offence by the company, urgent, focused and decisive action is essential in order to ensure that the matter can be investigated internally and at the same time to set up a suitable defence against possible prosecution and its consequences. Insofar, MKRG’s services not only cover concrete legal measures to defend your company in relation to investigations, the imposition of penalties or the coordination of a joint defence. We also support you in relation to all enquiries on the part of the authorities, advise you on dealings with the press, suppliers and customers as well as with your competitors, and help you to implement interim measures under employment law against employees under suspicion.


Have you been accused by an investigative body or a court of committing a white-collar or tax offence? Have the law enforcement authorities searched your home or place of work because of an accusation against you? Has an arrest warrant been issued against you? Has an employee or colleague been placed under temporary arrest under suspicion of a white-collar or tax offence? Such events have a massive impact on any company, entrepreneur or self-employed individual. They cause direct reputational damage and can seriously affect everyday operations, even if the accusations are not justified. We support you by defending you against accusations by the authorities and, in cooperation with you, do everything in our power to counteract such accusations and ensure your continued operational capability. We will also be happy to advise you on any subsequent problems arising from suspicions against you or a third party, and provide support for those affected and their reletives.

We recommend that you should contact us as early as possible, so that we can plan the appropriate defensive measures with you as soon as possible. Our partners are at your service 24/7 in the event of an arrest or search operations: Jesko Trahms, +49 (0) 173 309 14 91.


  • Defence of companies
  • Defence of individuals
  • Defence of companies in relation to investigations or the imposition of penalties
  • Coordination of a joint defence for companies
  • Advice on dealing with questions from the authorities during investigations or penalty procedures
  • Consulting on dealing with press enquiries during ongoing investigations or penalty procedures
  • Consulting on dealing with customers during ongoing investigations or penalty procedures
  • Consulting on dealing with competitors during ongoing investigations or penalty procedures
  • Analysis and support in the implementation of interim measures under employment law against employees who are under suspicion
  • Conduct of court proceedings
  • Development of countermeasures in the case of unjustified accusations


  • Criminal law
  • Criminal tax law
  • Administrative criminal law
  • Anti-Corruption law
  • Insolvency criminal law
  • Medical practitioner criminal law
  • Medical criminal law
  • Pharmaceutical criminal law
  • Banking criminal law
  • Capital market criminal law
  • IT criminal law
  • Media criminal law
  • Environmental criminal law
  • Anti-trust/administrative criminal law
  • Unfair competition/administrative criminal law
  • Data protection criminal law
  • Employment criminal law
  • Sports criminal law
  • Sports sanctions law


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