Companies wishing to operate successfully on the market in the long term and to achieve their business targets need to do more than simply ensure that their commercial operations are legally compliant. They also need to protect their assets – in particular their intangible assets! The reason for this is that whereas at the beginning of the 20th century 80% of the value of a company was accounted for by its fixed assets, today it is very often the company’s intangible assets which make up 80% of its value.

This change shows how decisive and essential both the application and the protection of these property rights are. It is also the reason why experienced and professional advice on the protection of intellectual property rights enjoys top priority at MKRG. Patents, trademarks and software are only some of a company’s intellectual property rights which require special attention. Our service portfolio covers the establishment of adequate protection as well as the administration, monitoring, exploitation and defence of intellectual property rights – on an international basis, too, of course. Accordingly, we represent our clients in dealings with domestic and international patent offices and courts of law in order to safeguard and assert their rights comprehensively and in the long term.

Expert legal advice and support are essential when it comes to the exploitation of property rights by assigning them to other parties, for example. We check whether you make the best use of your intellectual property rights portfolio, and of course draw up the contracts necessary for their exploitation. This also applies if technology, know-how etc. is to be transferred either domestically or internationally within a corporate group.

In addition, the aim of our advice is to protect you against risks by excluding them from the very beginning as far as possible. Such risks can arise, for example, in connection with the organisation of operations within your company, in relation to registering employee inventions, or with regard to confidential technical know-how. Risks in relation to intellectual property rights can also arise before and after a M&A transaction. As our partners closely cooperate, our services will provide you with tailor-made solutions at every level.

We are also aware of the fact that intellectual property rights are often directly interlinked with taxation and commercial issues, which is why we operate as a team with experienced tax accountants and management experts. Such issues include the design or documentation of transfer prices as well as questions relating to the valuation of property rights for the purpose of accounting, licensing or sale. Our services cover all company and entrepreneurial requirements. We look forward to being of service to you.


  • Registration, administration and monitoring of trademarks, designs and other property rights
  • Checking the status of existing property rights for risks (legal audits)
  • Protection of industrial/intellectual property in relation to transactions
  • Advice on the drafting of contracts Licensing contracts and the assignment, pledging or use of property rights as an asset in obtaining a loan
  • Advice on combating domestic and international product piracy (anti-counterfeiting)
  • Advice on the use and assertion of rights on the Internet and the legally compliant design of websites
  • Advice on all questions relating to new media, software, data protection and e-commerce
    Advice relating to the exploitation of property rights
  • Representation in relation to the authorities and courts
  • Advice on the registration of employee inventions


  • Protection of industrial/intellectual property
  • IT law
  • Data protection law
  • M&A
  • Company law
  • Tax law
  • Patent, trademark and design law
  • Competition law
  • Unfair competition law
  • Anti-trust law


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