Jesko Trahms is a partner at MKRG, where he specialises in defending clients in commercial and fiscal criminal cases, as well as advising them on issues of compliance.

As a specialist in criminal law Jesko Trahms represents his clients in corporate and individual criminal cases, including major cases, and assumes the defence before courts at all levels. In addition to criminal taxation, corruption, insolvency and environmental law his areas of specialisation also include representing clients in court on all offences against property. Within the context of advising and supporting companies in the field of compliance, Jesko Trahms develops and implements standards within organisations, which lead to a significant reduction in the liability of individual persons while at the same time increasing competitiveness. He also acts as an external compliance officer. As an ombudsman with many companies he is the first point of contact for employees wishing to provide information on illegal actions on the part of the company, as well as on issues relating to legally compliant conduct.

Jesko Trahms has been with MKRG since 2015, prior to which he had worked with other corporate law firms since 1994 in a number of capacities, and as a partner since 2007. He is also a lecturer at the Technical University of Deggendorf, and gives regular lectures on the subject of compliance.

Fields of operation

  • Consulting on compliance
  • External compliance management
  • Consulting on data protection
  • Internal investigations
  • Corporate defence
  • Defence of individual clients
  • Acting as an ombudsman

Legal fields

  • Commercial criminal law
  • Fiscal criminal law
  • Administrative criminal law
  • Corruption law
  • Insolvency criminal law
  • Medical practitioner criminal law
  • Medical criminal law
  • Pharmaceutical criminal law
  • Banking criminal law
  • Capital market criminal law
  • Stock exchange criminal law
  • IT criminal law
  • Media criminal law
  • Environmental criminal law
  • Anti-trust law
  • Anti-trust criminal law
  • Anti-trust administrative offenses law
  • Data protection law
  • Data security law
  • Securities trading law (compliance)
  • Credit sector law (compliance)
  • Insurance law (compliance)
  • Stock exchange law (compliance)


  • German
  • English


  • Düsseldorf Bar Association
  • The German Association of Lawyers’ Working Group on Criminal Law
  • Several years of international operations as (external) Chief Compliance Officer to a prominent German mid-sized enterprise in the sanitary ware industry
  • Many years of intensive advisory operations on behalf of Allianz AG
  • Defence of clients in numerous major court cases
  • „Externes Compliance-Management bei Familienunternehmen“ in FuS Zeitschrift für Familienunternehmungen und Stiftungen 5/2014 (gemeinsam mit Oliver Jung)
  • „Persönliche Haftung des Vorstandes bei nicht ausreichend implementiertem Compliance-System im Unternehmen“ in FuS Zeitschrift für Familienunternehmungen und Stiftungen 3/2014
  • „Tückische WM-Tickets“ auf vom 06.01.2010
  • „Später Frust – die strafrechtliche Aufarbeitung der so genannten Lustreise/Klimapflege als Unrechtsvereinbarung“ in P.T. Magazin 2/2008, Seite 18

Jesko Trahms

Lawyer, Partner

Compliance and Internal
Economic Criminal and Fiscal
Offenses Law

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