Seminar: Current insolvency law development with regard to factoring

On 28 and 29 September 2017, the MKRG partner, Dr. Stefan Krüger, together with Prof. Dr. Heinz Vallender Director of the Institute for International and European Insolvency Law, University of Cologne, will give a lecture on current insolvency law developments with regard to factoring at the Quadriga University in Berlin.

The program is as follows:

Factoring in crisis

  • Debt crisis
  • Effects on existing factoring
  • Factoring as a restoration lever
  • Liability risks

Factoring in the opening procedure

  • Fate of the factoring contract
  • Reserve approval/prohibition of sale
  • Right of incorporation and disclosure
  • Possibilities for the creation of unclear or contested receivables
  • Agreements with the provisional administrator / continuation agreements

Factoring in the opened proceedings

  • “Fate” of the factoring contract
  • Individual debt purchase agreements
  • Options for action and other claims of the factor and their enforcement
  • Interests/collision issues
  • On Bill
  • Insolvency contestation
  • Opening procedure
  • Request powers
  • Security measures
  • Final decisions
  • Opened procedure
  • Position of the insolvency administrator/administrator
  • The realization of claims in the opened procedure
  • Mutual contracts in insolvency proceedings
  • The ESUG in judicial practice
  • The provisional creditors’ committee
  • Self-administration in insolvency proceedings
  • Refurbishment by the protective screen method
  • The amended insolvency plan procedure
  • Current legislation
  • The Reformed EuInsVO
  • The draft directive of the EU Commission on the pre-insolvency restoration process
  • Group insolvency law
  • The Reformed Right of Rescission

Target group

The seminar is aimed in particular at employees and consultants from factoring institutes who wish to update their knowledge of insolvency law and legislation


Theoretical knowledge transfer through lectures and presentation of practical examples supplemented by discussions and exchange of experience

Learning objective

The seminar would not only give participants an insight into the many foreign matters of insolvency law and procedures in insolvency proceedings, but also highlight the particularities of factoring in the crisis and the insolvency of the factoring customer by means of high-level decisions and legal innovations in recent years.

Dr. Stefan Krüger is a lawyer and partner with the Cap Korsch Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH in Duesseldorf and advises as well as forensic. The focus of his work is on restructuring consulting and insolvency, corporate, labor and finance law, in particular factoring and leasing. It is shown through publications and lectures in these areas.

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