There is hardly any field of legislation which is developing at the speed of employment law. New laws and court rulings are constantly leading to changes which have an impact on the area of employment and employment relationships.

We have many years of experience in individual and collective employment law, on the basis of which we provide you with proposals and strategies for the purpose of creating the best solution. In the event of disputes we provide you with legal support at labour courts of all levels, right up to Germany’s Federal Labour Court and the European Court of Justice.

Business operations and relations are becoming increasingly international. We find solutions to cross-border issues together with our cooperation partners abroad – all of them prestigious law firms with which we have been cooperating on a basis of trust for many years.


Our specialists in individual employment law support both, employers and employees (corporate bodies and management staff) on all issues of employment law which affect the direct relationship between the organisation and its employees. Our legal advice covers not only terminations and contractual matters, but also the wide-ranging issues which can arise for both parties to employment relationships.


As a recognised legal adviser to companies, MKRG provides legal security on questions of collective labour law and supports its clients in finding the right solution to any issue which may arise. We can offer comprehensive experience in the negotiation of works agreements, company-based wage agreements and restructuring (reconciliation of interests, social plan) right down to arbitration and conciliation proceedings.


  • Negotiation of wage agreements
  • Developing, negotiating and implementing the reconciliation of interests and social plans
  • Advising on and setting up job-creation companies
  • Advice on the transfer of companies
  • Developing, negotiating and concluding works agreements
  • Designing, negotiating and drafting working time models
  • Consultation on and structuring of models for short-time working
  • Consulting on the use of modern means of communication (Internet, email, GPS)
  • Developing, negotiating and implementing pension schemes
  • Advice on questions of wage structures
  • Advice on the relocation and amalgamation of companies
  • Advice on and development of outsourcing models
  • Provision of consultation on share option plans and company pension schemes
  • Advice on works council elections
  • Advice on the drafting of employment contracts, the service contracts of executive personnel and contracts of termination and settlement
  • Advice on all questions relating to unemployment benefit, warnings to employees, limited-term employment, termination, compensation and wage classification as well as bogus self-employment and restraints on competition
  • Advice on anti-discrimination protection
  • Advice on the employment of foreigners
  • Advice relating to personnel leasing matters
  • Advice on the deployment of employees abroad


  • Individual employment legislation
  • Collective employment legislation
  • Public sector employment law
  • Service contract law
  • Termination of employments
  • Legislation relating to residential and work permits
  • Anti-discrimination law
  • Employment law compliance


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